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Penetrating Wisdom


PointednTruth Pointed Truth

Curiosity moves the hand towards the pointed branch

That deep desire to experience all that Nature offers

Surely knowing it is sharp and the hand will be pressured

Still the fingers extend desiring knowledge to be gained

In the end the pain is worth the journey towards understanding

This is as it is search for the truth in this life

There is pain but it is well worth the walk

This is penetrating wisdom.

© Carol Campbell 2015

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En route

the Book of Bokeh


I travel from my home town of Putnam, Connecticut to Cranston, Rhode Island each day, generally along rural roads. The drive is about an hour long each way and I am trying to do a better job of carrying my camera with me more often, in an attempt to catch the interplay of light on the scenes that I pass. All these photos were shot en route to or from work over a series of days. In the future, I am hoping to do more posts like this—much like the Miscellaneous series—to maintain a commentary on the changing of the seasons. I hope you like these.

Before viewing the photographs, I would also like to invite you to visit the poetry blog, the Book of Pain. As always, special thanks to my dearest Lyn, who does most of the photo selection. Thank you for dropping by the Book of Bokeh.























All photographs and comments…

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Blue Jay


A Beautiful Jay Thanks dollarphotoclub! A Beautiful Jay
Thanks dollarphotoclub!

It sits in the highest place in the room

A mother blue jay feeding her hatchlings

Precious statuette bought to dispel my gloom

From your own money given to me with such feeling


Your grandfather becomes ill and will die 

God speaks to me about death by sending

In His language an ill blue jay who can’t fly

Telling me of his death soon impending


These birds have played a major part

Tokens and messages from above

You are always giving to my heart

A hollow reed for His sweet love.

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Walking the past in the present

Pearlz Dreaming


Time is a culturally bound construct. We may, based on what culture we are born into, think we move chronologically, but in many cultures we carry the memory and ancestors with us in stories, songs and myths and a belief in the presence of spirits.

The past walks with present and the present with the future.

We can use our memory, past, wisdom to assist the present if only we pay attention to it.

In writing of lands I have lived and traveled through in an organic and intuitive process I find connections that make a spiral, even a circle, rather than a straight line.

Whilst we physically can’t change the past our understanding of it can dramatically change based on the patterns we find there.

I like the idea of spirals more than circles because in a spiral you can progress even as you seem to circle back to…

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Ecology Quest 2 – Bauhinia and what’s in a place name ?

Searching for the names of plants…

Pearlz Dreaming

DSC_8740 Bauhinia Purpurea – June Perkins

I am in the midst of a first draft of a ‘nature essay.’  The journey of this essay includes being fascinated by the plants in the streets around me.  There are at least four varieties of Bauhinia.

This plant originates in India.  The one above is the Bauhinia  Purpurea, also known as geranium tree.  The tree flowers in September and in December it changes appearance and long greenish pods appear.

The other research for the essay has been finding the cultural and social layers in the land around me.

One interesting thing is that many of the places around me have names based on Aboriginal words,  and have meanings like ‘Place of Stones’, ‘Gully of Water’, ‘Water Dragon.’   I am incorporating this into my essay.

Gwen Harwood, a poet and librettist was born here in Taringa.  She guest lectured at University Tasmania when I was first…

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The power of nature.


The Sea Enchants Me. The Sea Enchants Me. Thanks to dollarphotoclub.

Many beautiful things enchant me 

In this circular world of ours

With her forests, deserts and her seas

I wish that I could see it all before


We destroy it’s loveliness wantonly

  Stalwart mountains to the crystal shores

Deserts of detachment for miles we see

Empassioned rivers rushing home for evermore


Creatures wandering in search mystically

Seeking new vistas and caves just to explore

O if I could run with them just to take a peek

I would howl at the top of my lungs hearing for sure


When I am out among them I wish for more ecstaticly

Enchanting me much further than a materialistic store

 Tokens of rocks, feathers and blooms respectfully

Pleasing me to my inner sanctified core.



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Brisbane’s Spring Arrival (Tanka)

Spring is beginning in Queensland, Australia.

Ripple Poetry

2014-08-12 026 Seasons change – June Perkins

Spring’s arrival speaks
mornings without woolley socks
crow songs refuse to stop;
frangipani calls its leaves
to dress its branches.

Springs arrival dances
mornings without gloves on hands
goodbye grey day skies
blossoms beckoning avenues
becoming tree’s  confetti.

Springs arrival scents
mornings perfumed with renewal
bones drunk on sun
waltzing away cold memories;
smells technicolour gardens.

(c) June Perkins

I just felt it was time to do some poetry exercises and explorations as I have been writing a lot of free form poetry lately.  

This one is a tanka. This is aJapanesepoemconsistingof31syllablesin5lines,with5syllablesin thefirstandthirdlinesand7intheothers.  

DSC_8610 Australian Spring – June Perkins

However it is good not to worry about being too strict with those syllable counts at the expense of the flow of…

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A Sense of Wonder

I am exploring writings on nature to prepare an essay for a competition. Baha’u’llah loved nature.  My next few blogs will mainly be photographic blogs of wonders in nature as I am so busy with other writing projects.

Ripple Poetry

DSC_8609 City Beauty – June Perkins

For Rachel Carson

Rachel says
open your children to wonder
about birds
together learn each ones song
and their many names
as you  wander  their land
maybe imagine flying
to their tree top

Rachel says
imprint in them
the story of the sea
the delicacy of balance even on the rugged shorelines
through them knowing
its biography
as if it’s their best friend.

Rachel says
listen to the wind
find the names of each wind
so you can read its personality
warm or cold
and know when you should
stay away from the sea
and when you can embrace and nurture

Rachel says
open to them to wonder
so they will not pass by this world
without knowing it calls
to us
from stars to shoreline
moon dust to leaves.

Rachel leaves her love of nature
on the shorelines of our present

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