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The power of nature.


The Sea Enchants Me. The Sea Enchants Me. Thanks to dollarphotoclub.

Many beautiful things enchant me 

In this circular world of ours

With her forests, deserts and her seas

I wish that I could see it all before


We destroy it’s loveliness wantonly

  Stalwart mountains to the crystal shores

Deserts of detachment for miles we see

Empassioned rivers rushing home for evermore


Creatures wandering in search mystically

Seeking new vistas and caves just to explore

O if I could run with them just to take a peek

I would howl at the top of my lungs hearing for sure


When I am out among them I wish for more ecstaticly

Enchanting me much further than a materialistic store

 Tokens of rocks, feathers and blooms respectfully

Pleasing me to my inner sanctified core.



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An Exploration of Reincarnation (2/2)

Part 2 of Peter’s discussion of reincarnation.

Everybody Means Something

Three-Faces-of-Eve-The-1957 Three Faces of Eve (for source of image see link)

In the previous post, drawing on Jeffrey Iverson’s book – In Search of the Dead – I explored three examples of the evidence cited in favour of reincarnation. I indicated that I felt they might possibly lie along a dimension from an experience that faded as a child grew up, through a more persistent identification lasting a lifetime, to outright ‘possession.’ This post now looks at the question of how to explain these data.

Is reincarnation the only possible explanation?

There is a degree of uncertainty in the literature about exactly how to interpret these phenomena. In the interests of space I am not going to explore the question of their authenticity. Given that Stevenson is definite that he has 25 cases pointing strongly in the direction of reincarnation I am going to assume, for present purposes, that this is…

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