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This blog is a compilation of reblogs and guest blogs by Baha’is who maintain blogs, beginning from Australia as that’s where I reside, but encompassing  any Baha’i who blogs. They do this for their work, hobbies, year of service, and passions.

The blogs are not necessarily focused on Baha’i topics exclusively, and should not be taken as official positions of the Baha’i community, although many writers actively imbue their work with the principles of the Baha’i teachings.

If you are a Baha’i and would like to be included in the blogroll, please drop us a message under this blog, and some details of what your blog covers and the link.

WordPress blogs will be regularly reblogged here, if you are happy for us to paste and link from other formats please let us know.

Any other blogs we can add you to the blog roll and may invite you (but do not guarantee) a guest blog to make people aware of your work.

For a more directly focused Bahai Blog visit Bahai Blog.

This is not an official Baha’i site, for that go to Baha’

This space is hosted by June Perkins.


You can find out more about  June HERE.


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  2. Thank you for providing this platform for sharing Baha’i blogs June. It has helped me discover blogs I would not have otherwise found. It is an interesting insight into the diversity and depth of the writing in English of Baha’is around the world.

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