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Delaying Gratification

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FFWR - Celebrating the Baha'i Calendar

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Be patient for thy Lord is patient.

A few days ago I read a thought-piece about children, their poor school performance and their need to learn to delay gratification  here    True true.  Impatience is a big problem in modern societies.

Our neighbors are farmers.  Old school.  They plow, they plant, they wait.    They pray for rain (or for the rain to stop) and they wait.   They weed and they hope the seed is good and they wait.  You get the picture – a lot of delayed gratification.

Sooooooo …

It would seem that delaying gratification would come naturally to people in pre-modern societies — but you know what?  They needed training, too.  And here is how I know:  Fasting!    Fasting has been a part of religious ordinance since ancient times.   (No matter how tough we think we have it, God always seems to want to make it…

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