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cropped-yearetheleaves3.jpgThe online world is connecting everyone as fast as a type beat. This collective cyberbeat has immense potential to connect Baha’is wanting to work together all over the world.

You’re a Baha’i and you want to blog or create an online initiative. You might be an artist,  poet, podcaster, photographer, writer, retired journalist, or someone with a special project or interest.

You want to join this collective online connectivity wave and have something to say.
Here are some suggestions to start you on your  way.

1. Study other Baha’i initiatives

Some great online initiatives with a collaborate edge that you could already participate in are:

Nineteen Months

Baha’i History


Baha’i Blog Soul Pancake

2.Write a disclaimer and explanation of who has initiated your site Think about if your site is an individual initiative,  a group collaboration initiative, or a group collaboration sponsored by the Institutions of the Faith.

Create an appropriate disclaimer and consult with people and Institutions before going ahead with your project. Show them some of the projects online you have researched.  Get people excited about your project. Make it an interesting project that may not already be being done. If there is something similar think about joining it to become a contributor.

Here are two Examples of Disclaimers

A) Institution Sponsored

The UK Baha’i Histories Project is collecting the stories of individual Baha’is who currently live in the UK, or have lived here in the past.  The project is sponsored by the National Spiritual Assembly of the Bahai’s of the UK.

These stories are personal recollections by the individuals concerned. They will inevitably contain omissions and they reflect the views of the individual author in each case. We cannot vouch for the authenticity or completeness of any of the ‘histories’, although all stories are subjected to an editorial review.

We urge readers who may have additional information that is pertinent to any story to post a comment, which may be viewed by all visitors to the site. We would like to encourage EVERYONE to write their Baha’i history.

Your story is important and interesting, whether you became a Baha’i last week or 50 years ago.  We would also like to see stories from people who have moved to the UK, especially if you moved here from Iran, and your experiences when you first arrived. To give you some inspiration, take a look at the stories below.  We hope you will then decide to write your own story.

Please contact and the team will help you to get started. Webpage header photo courtesy of Baha’i Media Bank

B)  Individual Initiative
Baha’i Blog is not an official Baha’i Site and is purely and individual initiative and not-for-profit entity.  It is a Half Light Media project. Any sites linked to or opinions expressed  are not neccessarily those of the World Wide Baha’i community.  The official Baha’i website is


3. Are you staying or have you been in touch with the Institutions about your project? Mainly for advice when needed. I still do this when I am concerned about something. I have found our external office always supportive of my online efforts and there when I need any sort of advice. I try to always maintain online decorum and respect at all times

4. Respect all online copyrights when sourcing your images If you are using others photographs, ask the photographers first, link back to them and thank them. Check out creative commons laws, they are a good source for images. Be very careful to ensure permission of blogging images of people online, including guests and Baha’is at Baha’i functions. Make sure you have consent.

5. Protect the copyright of your image and words and where it will be reblogged Clearly state copyright of your work. Find out all you can about copyright.
6. Edit your work Try always to put work you have edited up. Edit it for accuracy, grammar, language and check any other issues you might be concerned about with Baha’i institutions.

Goodluck! I’ll feature some more information on some cool online projects over the next year.

You never know where your blogging or online project might lead you or the services it may give you the opportunity to render the whole of humanity.


(c) June Perkins

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