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After Yasi Blog Tour

Pearlz Dreaming


After Yasi: Finding the Smile Within is going on a virtual book tour, commonly known as blog tour, blog hop or virtual book tour.  A big thank you to all those listed.

Best comments for each blog will be given a PRIZE, either a free copy of the ebook or a choice of a signed print of one of the photographs from the book. Would absolutely love it if you retweet, reblog and share this post – and the blog hop posts, to all your friends.

The After Yasi Blog Tour includes visits to:

Jan 27   (Tuesday)  ABC Open  (guest blog, June Perkins, storytelling tips)

Jan 27   Karen Tyrrell

Jan 28 (Wednesday)  Dimity Powell (interview)

Jan 29 (Thursday) Charmaine Clancy (guest blog)

Jan 30 (Friday) Michele D’Acosta

Jan 30 Jedda Bradley  – (interview)

Jan 31 (Saturday) Carol Campbell  (review)


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The Rose of Good Health

Pearlz Dreaming

3128126270_9d64df43a0_oBy Angela Marie Henriette Some Rights Reserved

In a quest for wellness, and a past quest for my son’s sleeplessness as a babe – I  have found specifically recommended alternative health practitioners life savers.  After exhausting all other options first, I have turned to them for assistance, but perhaps I should have consulted them at the same time.  Easy to see that in hindsight.

Now having used cranial osteopathy as well a chiropractor (specialising in children) for my son, along with trying a life style and special diet oriented approach to my skin (alongside using vitamin supplementation) I am of the firm belief that health professionals of all denominations need to work more closely together and learn from each others’ wisdom.

A future world will surely see us go into wellness centres, rather than medical centres, and have access to a team who really talk with each other, to help…

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Why being flexible in the holiday season matters

Nourish Me Simply

With only 10 days to go until Christmas (and counting), the festive season can be challenging when it comes to making healthy food choices. Every year at this time, recipes and tips for eating nutritiously over Christmas pop up all over the web. While I admire the efforts of many of these authors, often I can’t help but think that:

a) Many of these recipes really don’t look particularly appetising. Enjoyment of food and feasting is important to all cultures, and we all need a “free pass” every now and again.

b) What you eat on one day of the year (1/365th of what you eat overall) doesn’t really make any difference to your overall nutrition. It’s what you eat on the remaining 364 days that counts.

Image courtesy of nuchylee at Image courtesy of nuchylee at

Orthorexia is a word that has entered popular vernacular in the past few years. The ‘condition’ is about as legit as other nebulous…

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Nosh Magazine: Bringing some of Australia’s leading Dietitians to your computer

Ever a voice of reason and balance, Sonia on nutrition.

Nourish Me Simply

I often find my Facebook newsfeed and email inbox filling up with discussions around quacks who peddle misinformation and confusion around healthy eating. I’m not a fan of demonising an individual food or nutrient, and I’m certainly not a fan of the amount of money that such an overly-simplistic approach can make. But I’m also not keen on ‘bashing’ individuals for promoting these kind of approaches to eating. Personal attacks easily step into the realm of maliciousness, and I have never seen them to be very effective- they just get people’s backs up.

Adopting a more constructive approach and taking small steps to help others realign their approach to food, however… Now, that’s the way forward.

That’s why I was excited to come across Nosh a month or two ago, on another Dietitian’s blog, Cheering for Nutrition. Nosh is a new online magazine that is published by Australian Dietitians. All of its content comes from Accredited Practising…

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Exploring Fats. Part Three: Omega-3 Fatty Acids and Fish Oils.

Nourish Me Simply

This post has been a long time coming, but it’s also been one of the topics I’ve been most looking forward to exploring on this blog.

I try to put a reasonable amount of effort into researching each post that’s about nutritional science. This ensures that the information I’m giving you is accurate, but also gives me a valuable opportunity to read the latest research in depth, and contributes towards the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) that I have to do to be accredited as an APD anyway. I actually find writing these blogs helps to reinforce what I’m reading in the scientific literature, so even just from a self-centred point of view, it works well!

After finishing this series on fats, I’m actually looking forward to branching out a bit and looking at other aspects of enjoying healthy eating, such as recipes, tips, and overcoming barriers to eating healthily. We’ll see…

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New article at Healthy Bones

Congratulations to Sonia for her article over at edietitcians which she shares the link to in her latest blog.

Nourish Me Simply

Breakfast is a great opportunity to enjoy dairy foods as part of your daily routine. Milk yoghurt and cheese are some of the best food sources of calcium, a vital bone nutrient. Image courtesy of Joephotostudio / Free Digital Breakfast is a great opportunity to enjoy dairy foods as part of your daily routine. Milk, yoghurt and cheese are some of the best food sources of calcium, a vital bone nutrient.
Image courtesy of Joephotostudio / Free Digital

Sorry for being so quiet over the last month. But at the same time, you’ll be pleased to hear that I had a great time interstate with my parents. At the moment, I’m working on the final article in the three-part series on fats, this time on Omega-3. It’s a fascinating area of research to be exploring, and I really look forward to publishing the verdict here in the next few days.

In the meantime, my second article has been published over at This time, it’s on ‘Healthy Bones’ and how nutrition can help you maintain healthy bones for longer. With osteoporosis being such a major issue in post-menopausal women and men…

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Butter or margarine?

An interesting discussion on butter or margarine.

Nourish Me Simply

Butter or margarine? One of the many choices when it comes to food that seems to offer no easy answer.

The camps

If you’re from the butter camp, chances are you’re aware that margarine “is naturally grey” and is only yellow because of the “artificial colours” that are added. You might see margarine as a concoction of chemicals, full of trans fats (even worse than saturated ‘animal’ fats), and not “real food” that we are made to eat.

If you’re in the margarine camp, chances are that you know most of the fat in butter is saturated ‘animal’ fat, which is the type that raises cholesterol in your body. When visiting a friend who uses butter, you might be wracked with pangs of guilt, with images of clogged arteries speeding through your mind.

Or you might be sitting on the fence, waiting for a post like this to come along!

The facts

When it comes…

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