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Stahm’s Khawmin’!

the Book of Bokeh


This year, Boston (the largest city in the northeast of the United States) has received ten times the average amount of snow in February that it normally gets. And that  when February is only two thirds over!

In proof of that, I would like to introduce you to storm Neptune, which started in the early afternoon of St. Valentine’s Day and ended late the next day. These pictures were taken at the start, during, after the snow ended (when the wind remained high), during the cleanup and afterwards when calm reigned. The last shot was taken early the third morning on the way to work.

This is the month that anyone in this part of the world could say, “Stahm’s khawmin’!” (“Storm’s coming!” in the New England accent) and they’d be considered a weather genius—at least thus far. Here’s hoping for a change soon!

Before viewing the photographs, I would also like to invite…

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Stories That Have To Be told – Uncle Fred Murray

One of my current projects. I’ll share a bit more of this as time goes by.

Following the Crow Song

cropped-ihavedreamcollageOn the weekend I was sharing a precious story that I began researching many years ago – The Story of Fred Murray. Fred Murray was an early Indigenous Baha’i.

I was able to interview some of the old people who knew him in person before he passed away, many of them are now also passed on.

As I told it to a dear friend, the tapestry of suffering and victory and his pure heart burning through, brought tears to both our eyes. It was as if we sat around the camp fire under the stars that Fred himself rode with his brother George even though the closest thing to outdoors in the room was our carpet of green leaves and earth colours.

It amazed me how vivid the story had become to me over its dormant time in files and folders, my memory, and earlier attempts to do it…

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The Quarry

Everybody Means Something

I have embarked on sequences of newposts which examine a number of ideas from books I have recently read. These ideas relate to where our society is heading and what we as individuals might be able to do about that. I decided that I also needed to republish other posts from the past that related in some way to that basic theme. This includes poems such as the one below.
The Quarry v3

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Freedoms (Epigram)


The Right to Believe Freely. The Right to Believe Freely.

The trees in the forest do not each other restrain

The flowers follow suit with the same clear refrain


The people in our land advocate freedom’s songs

In it’s name they commit so many terrible wrongs


Let all followers of all Religions simply, purely breathe?

No! It is our job to halt their Faith, they inwardly seethe.

© Carol Campbell 2015

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Pearlz Dreaming’s Blogger’s Manifesto

Pearlz Dreaming

5121445282_edab4ba0f2_o-1 (2)

Creative Commons rjacklin1975

1- Save all things I am keen to publish in other formats by NOT placing them on my blogs.

2- Blog the process and support materials that assist me to create my memoirs, poetry, booka and films (cool things like letters, programs and historical hyperlinks.) Share some RAW MATERIALS (try not to give too much, but just enough away).

3- Sometimes share short EXTRACTS, covers, or drafts for reader feedback with specific questions.  Make these extracts examples of my BEST WRITING.

4- Share the occasional poem or piece that I want the blog to be its publication and it is shared to inspire not for any profit or expectation (but still make sure people respect copyright by attributing it to me if reposting or sharing). STILL HAVE NOT FOR PROFIT writing.


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