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Owen explores science, art, community development and many other issues with a lot of depth.

Owen's Meanderings

With thanks to CSIRO Science by Email for this wonderful series of science updates. I like seeing my friend, Denise Hardesty, reported below, for her work on sea trash.

Sunglasses like moth eyes MothEye-like sunglasses


Despite their tendency to circle light bulbs, moths have eyes that are designed for darkness. Each eye has a bumpy pattern that stops light reflecting off the surface, possibly helping the moth see in the dark and hide from predators.

For years, scientists have been trying to replicate the effect. They hope that adding a similar pattern to electronic devices could prevent glare when sunlight hits your TV, computer screen or phone. It could also make solar panels more efficient by reducing how much light bounces off them, while stopping any dazzling reflections.

There’s been some success. Extremely tiny shapes, similar to those found in a moth’s eye, have been made using metals, silicon…

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