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Review of ‘Mapping the Heart’

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I like covering what Artists of Baha’i background are doing out in the wider community. This is an article on Omid Master working in collaboration with a poet.

Conversations with Creative Souls

mapping the heart signA Program

There was a lot to take in, as the sign above indicates. But it was not just a poet spouting the words on the page and seeking only the treasury of words and metaphor. She chose to enlist others talents and add dimensions of dance, song, photographic imagery.

Of the performance I remember of the photography backdrops an image of aeriel landscape and river groove, a bunch of hearts. There was much more but I didn’t always remember to look – perhaps with a larger screen I would have taken in more of the photographs, but the space offered some limitations as well as benefits to the performers. The benefits being ‘pull in the audience from the shops and mesmerise them with art. ‘ Take art to the people.

Of the words I remember that the poet’s persona or is it the poet Helen Ramoutsaki ‘doesn’t do domestic’…

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