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Spirit of Service – Volunteer Ideas For Kids

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Originally posted on Brilliant Candle.

Previously, we highlighted an article describing the benefits of volunteering. But more often than not, we aren’t thinking of personal gain when devoting time to the service of others. Whether helping a neighbor or joining a global campaign to end hunger, living a life of service has the power to transform the world.

“Training in morals and good conduct is far more important than book learning. A child that is cleanly, agreeable, of good character, well-behaved–even though he be ignorant–is preferable to a child that is rude, unwashed, ill-natured, and yet becoming deeply versed in all the sciences and arts. The reason for this is that the child who conducts himself well, even though he be ignorant, is of benefit to others, while an ill-natured, ill-behaved child is corrupted and harmful to others, even though he be learned. If, however, the child be trained to be both learned and good…

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