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The Creative Mind

Stumbling Through the Past

One gumtree profiled against a backdrop of a grassy park with mist rising off it. The sun is shining on the mist. One morning I woke up, rubbed my eyes and ran for my camera. This is what I saw from my bedroom window.

Ever since I was a teenager I have believed in trying to learn something before going to sleep. The evening study period has always been a productive time for me, even if I have not succeeded in the learning I have set myself. I close my notes, read an enjoyable book and then go to sleep. On waking in the morning I consult my notes again and often found that I have remembered more than I thought I had or I have worked out the problem that was out of reach the night before.

Rest is very important for the mind. The subconscious does some magical things when the mind is given some rest. We are at our most unproductive when we try to work excessive hours. Our productivity…

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Writers New to Blogging – Handy Tips 1#

Pearlz Dreaming

66721_10200935342158713_681096474_n Photo by Ivanneth, Creative Commons

Ivanneth Creative Commons

So you’re a writer and have started a blog because everyone has told you to do so. Now you’re wondering how to go about it.

1) Pick your theme. With themes it’s a good idea to check what they look like on phone and tablet as well, as some themes translate better across devices and people may read your work on their tablet rather than laptop or pc. Personally I like clear uncluttered layouts. The theme used on this blog at the moment is sketch.

2) Choose interesting and related topics. 1)How you researched or created your book (really interesting for historical books) 2)Typical days in your writing life 3) Interview with a character or expert in your field 4) Interviews or reviews of works in your genre that you admire 5) Great news you want to share (be humble though). I…

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Reflection: Europeans in Australia – Vol III

Stumbling Through the Past

Book Cover of Atkinson's book.The Europeans in Australia. Volume Three: Nation by Alan Atkinson (UNSW Press, 2014).

The last volume in Alan Atkinson’s trilogy, The Europeans in Australia has finally been published.  Volume Three: Nation caps a wide-ranging and unique view on the history of Europeans in the land that is now known as Australia.

For more reasons than one, this book is the reason why I am writing and researching history today. I have been extremely fortunate that Alan Atkinson has been a mentor to me for several years and gave me the opportunity to do some work as a research assistant for this book. My current work on the beliefs of Australian soldiers on the front line in World War I stems from discussions Alan Atkinson and I had about this period of history while he was writing the book.

For these reasons what follows is not a book review. This is…

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I set out to write a book

the Book of Pain


and placed my hero there at the start,
riding up a mountain on an old horse,
but paused, admiring the vista below—
it was just before the ambush was to hit.

And there I abandoned him, poor fool.
I had had better plans for him, true,
but isn’t that always the case?
Hard done by he was to have been,
disgraced and bought to low esteem,
but being doughty and sure of purpose—
never casting it off for ease or self—
he would have endured through life and love
until his glorious self-sacrifice at the end.
I doubt if he will ever make it now,
worse luck for him…it seems
I ambushed the coward after all.


Thank you for reading I set out to write a book. I humbly appreciate your visiting the Book of Pain, and as always, I look forward to your comments.

The photograph was taken from the top of Barrett Hill in Pomfret, CT…one kick…

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PiBoIdMo and all that jazz

Sorry may not be as many reblogs during November, but feel free to visit the sidelinks. This is because I wil be doing PiBoIdMo

Pearlz Dreaming


I’ve done Nanowrimo (that novel is stil waiting for a reboot as a young adult fantasy piece).  What an experience that was.

Those characters still call me and say,  ‘when are you going to do something about me?’

‘Sorry guys I will listen to you soon, promise, on my to do list, ‘  I reply with my fingers crossed behind my back and a pair of runners begging to be put on my feet.  Well seriously I did have a few friends reading it and they did want to know what was going to happen so one day I will get my act together.

This year I am going to participate in PiBoIdmo for the first time.  The idea of this challenge is to generate 30 ideas for picture books in 30 days.  Considering I have presently completed  only one(and it has been sent off to a publisher…

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Writing Empowerments: Ink from Ochre Extract

Following the Crow Song


Ong argues that writing can “enrich the human psyche, enlarge the human spirit, intensify its interior life.” [1]  In other words writing can be moulded to fit those who use it, and can extend rather than diminish subjectivity and intersubjectivity.   Max Van Manen describes the power of writing:

Writing fixes thoughts on paper.  It externalises what in some senses is internal; it distances us from our immediate lived involvements with the things of our world.  As we stare at the paper, and stare at what we have written, our objectified thinking now stares back at us.  This writing creates the reflective cognitive stance …[2]

Writing has a paradoxical power that comes from its ability to objectify as ideas are placed onto paper, yet as it objectifies it subjectifies.  It can do this because writing can represent a dialogue with the self.   Even though many Indigenous women write in…

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5 Thou Shalt Nots of the Writing Craft

Some ways to improve our writing.

Pearlz Dreaming

DSC_4537 Writing Mirror – June Perkins

Once we have beaten writer’s block, found our stories, and drafted them, then comes the intense process of editing.

This is where we put ourselves to the mirror as writers and start to notice the blemishes and strong sides of our writing.

Over time there are rules that we learn from editors, teachers, readers, bloggers and other writers that make that looking glass moment bearable.

These vary from ‘Thou Shalt not’ to ‘our writing will be stronger if we do …..’

Then there are specific formulas to poems, novels, genres within novels that gradually  become set in stone, and then are challenged by those who don’t want to follow rules but make new ones.  Before we break rules it is good to understand them, and then work out why it is we might depart from them or reinvent them.

DSC_4533 Writing Looking Glass – June Perkins

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In search of a title

I am sharing the journey of writing a memoirs on my blog. Anyone else sharing their writing processes and journey would love to read your blog.

Pearlz Dreaming

2013-07-31 2013-07-31 001 001 Exchange of cultures, at CRACA 2013 – by June Perkins

Searching for a title for my memoirs I want it to:

1. Convey my cultural and spiritual heritage
2. Be original
3. Be memorable
4. Be creative
5. Perhaps come from some key phrase in the memoirs itself
6. Honour family, friends and places
7. Have a poetic feel to it
8. Make you want to read the book
9. Convey some of the themes of the memoir
10.Reflect the structure of the memoir

Key ideas/words that could be there are: world citizen, Paisa, Australian, Mekeo, Baha’i, soul, frangipani, basket,flower, writer, gumbootspearlz, pearlz dreaming, peace, unity, nature, environment, trees.

If you have any ideas you’d like to suggest based on reading my blogs do let me know. I am going to play around with some ideas and try and make a list of possible titles.

Some titles from memoirs currently…

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