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Such an outpouring of poetry from Carol.  She is constantly exploring her world through this art form.


Rich in Inner Beauty. Rich in Inner Beauty.

Feminine energy wild and free

Interior filled with running wolves

Giving of herself oft times alone

In her soul there lives a rolling sea


Powerful like the soaring hawk

Flexible as a slithering snake

She is everyone and everything

Arching a rainbow, straight a stalk


Able to know with a quiet knowing

Seeing with her eyes tightly closed

If we believed in her she could rule 

 Dear God’s love keeps her glowing


The moon she follows adoringly

Sun she copies in her brilliance

Stars of wisdom light her colored eyes

Cycling through her phases powerfully


Some call her goddess as of old

Humility prevents her mind’s reality

Her womb calls upon her at times

For children her own choice as told


When this world does embrace

Let her go be herself she’ll surprise

What she can do to set things aright

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