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For Owen Allen’s Blog Owen’s Meanderings.

Owen's Meanderings

There is a concept in the facilitation of Baha’i Study, of elevated conversation. Elevated conversation is something that anyone can enter. It does require knowledge of certain things but, those things being known or understood, it is not necessary to be knowledgeable about other things and still be able to enter elevated conversation about those things.

Well those couple of sentences are, I am sure, just baffling. So lets look at it through a specific principle of the Baha’i Faith: religion and science are in harmony.

The first thing i would say is that, while scientific knowledge is useful for an elevated conversation around this principle, it is only that it can be a tool of elevated conversation, not a tool of scientific knowledge. This is a distinction that is important to make.

Let’s drill down into the ideas.

Conversation can be described as being in play with another or…

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Freedoms (Epigram)


The Right to Believe Freely. The Right to Believe Freely.

The trees in the forest do not each other restrain

The flowers follow suit with the same clear refrain


The people in our land advocate freedom’s songs

In it’s name they commit so many terrible wrongs


Let all followers of all Religions simply, purely breathe?

No! It is our job to halt their Faith, they inwardly seethe.

© Carol Campbell 2015

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