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Reeds to be Hollowed. Thanks dollarphotoclub.  Reeds to be Hollowed.
Thanks dollarphotoclub.

A clear conduit

Where Your love

Can speed through it

Reaching all below and above


Bore out the self and passion

Clear away the needs of ego

It may not be in fashion

I want to love with Your sweet glow


I wish only what You desire

Wanting onlyThee to please

Make me a spark from Your great fire

In You do I truly believe


On my knees I am calling

Heart wide open to receive

Your sweet whisper hollering

You I can not deceive


Nothingness, my only station

Humility, my abiding joy

Like the wildflowers set in motion

Breeze moving them like a toy


Give me to drink from the cup of detachment

Let me taste from the waters of humility

Release me from worldly cares and attachment

Give of Your great joy and felicity.

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