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Musa Banani

Researched by Sue Chehrenegar on Dec 26, 2015 12:00 am

Musa Banani Born: 1886/1887Death: September 4, 1971 Place of Birth: Baghdad, IraqLocation of Death: Kampala, UgandaBurial Location: The National Baha’i Cemetery of Uganda, Kampala, Uganda
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Siyyid Mirza Husayn-i-Mutavalli

Researched by Bahá’í Chronicles on Dec 26, 2015 12:00 am

Siyyid Mirza Husayn-i-Mutavalli was the recipient of the Tablet Shikkar-Shikan-Shavand. This man was a Babi who had been with 300 others under the leadership of Quddus at the Tabarsi fort, where they were attacked and starved.
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The Hollow Reed: A Song of Tai Chi Dancing with the Wind

Republished by permission of the The Hollow Reed Blog



The idea for this work came from my dear friend Nasser Butt and his beautiful and inspiring work of creative writing and prose entitled “Traditions from the Old Tower, A Song of Tai Chi”.  I envision this poem as unfinished, as our practice of tai chi is always “unfinished” or perhaps it is tai chi that is unfinished with us…  As tradition demands this poem will require the completion of 108 lines.

The image is called Vapor and it was completed in gold and silver last summer.  “I am vapor, watch me disappear”.

A Song of Tai Chi:  Dancing with the Wind

Let the spirit dance begin

By breathing out and breathing in.

I hold my destiny within my hand

And enter a path that is called Grand.

Open then the door within

By breathing out and breathing in.

I cross the heavens in my search

Just as a bird must leave its perch.

Enter then the flowing wind

By breathing out and breathing in.

I reach to grasp the sparrow’s tail

And trace the air along this trail.

Swim then through the abiding wind

By breathing out and breathing in.

I hang my arms in single whip

And into eternity I gently slip.

Push then the clouds with the wind

By breathing out and breathing in.

I open my soul like a sail

And set off to find a holy grail.

I am not alone within the wind

By breathing out and breathing in.

So let the spirit dance begin…