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the Book of Pain

IMG_0727The tiny of quantum holds us together,
while the huge of relativity pulls us apart.
The taut in-between is pure chaos—
and that surely is ours and ours alone,
our ‘me’, our selves, choose wisely.

From dawn’s touch to dusk’s demise,
tiny grows to huge as vivid turns to gloom
on the day-to-night map of each day-to-day:
we are, at best, always on the tipping point,
drawn by strange attractors buried deep
in the bone, the past and—God help us—the future.
They have split us, we demons, again and again
and rent us apart when we need us the most.
They say, in balance, to ‘live in the moment,’
but to be honest, sometimes I think
we have enough just to live in the scale.
Choose wisely.


In the 20th century there were three great scientific breakthroughs that are both staggeringly profound and utterly beautiful: 1) the development of quantum mechanics, the study of the fundamental, subatomic particles that all creation is made of, 2) general relativity, Einstein’s geometric understanding of gravity in the…

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