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Recommended link: Seven Days in Remembrance of Seven Years

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Seven Years

On this, the sixth of the seven days of remembrance, I am posting a brief profile of Behrouz Tavakkoli. Profiles of all seven Bahá’í leaders can be found on the Bahá’í World New Service at this link

The seven Baha’i leaders who were initially sentenced to 20 years imprisonment have long served both Iranian society and the Baha’i community. Six of them were arrested on 14 May 2008 at their homes in Tehran. The seventh, Mahvash Sabet, was arrested on 5 March 2008 while on a trip to Mashhad. They were held incommunicado for weeks and were not allowed access to legal counsel for more than a year.

The seven formed the entire membership of the now-disbanded group known as the “Yaran” or “Friends in Iran,” tending to the spiritual and social needs of the 300,000-member Baha’i community of that country.

Mr. Behrouz Tavakkoli

695_06_mr-behrouz-tavakkoliBehrouz Tavakkoli . . . was…

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