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the Book of Pain


Resolution is the accuracy of what you know,
latency the pause to grasp it,
hesitation the wait to action
and duration how long you understand it.
Clearly, time is, at best,
an awkward fellow to know.

He is, at first, all bluff noise and bonhomie,
good-natured and full of laughs. But then
he grows shiftier the longer you know him,
until with a slap of shame and a wink of wonder
he’s off, and you, you’re just left there,
bemused, knowing you’ve bought into
something that you’d perhaps rather not have,
but left holding it still, not quite sure what it is,
knowing only that it must be valuable
and thinking there’s something that’s yet undone.
It’s not until the end that you see him not for him,
for his own sake, but you for you, for your own,
immediately, instantly and forever. And by then…


The photograph was taken in Bodie State Park, Bodie California…a very real ghost town. To see my photography blog, please visit the Book of Bokeh.


Photograph, poem…

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