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A Journey to Naw Ruz – Fasting – Facebook – Spiritual Wellness

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There’s might not be too many posts this month because of the Fast. All the best to everyone. June


5968967908_22399008ca_o Wallaman Falls – June Perkins

So yesterday the Baha’i Fast began.

I wasn’t sure if I would be able to do it due to some major health issues I have just overcome with my psoriasis, but I so want to do it.

This is because the fast is one of the greatest spiritual obligations of a Baha’i.

There are exemptions to the fast,  under 15 and over 70 don’t do it.

Also nursing mothers, those engaged in heavy labour, woman who are pregnant or menstruating ‘instead they perform an ablution and recite the verse Glorified be God, the Lord of Splendour and Beauty 95 times a day), ‘ and those who are unwell (so hoping I am not in this category.)

There are further exemptions for travel, 2 hours by foot and 9 hours by other forms of transport.

No one checks if you do the fast, it is between…

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One thought on “A Journey to Naw Ruz – Fasting – Facebook – Spiritual Wellness

  1. June: Please get in touch with me. Love seeing the fruits of your hard work. Am building my own website, and am looking for Baha’i-related images to help illustrate upcoming posts ( I want it to be beautiful, and the images to relate to specific topics I’ll be addressing. The site focuses on Baha’i-related audio, and is multimedia. So I need lots and lots of images. OF COURSE I would be willing and able to include a link back to anyone’s site.
    I do not yet have a specific need for specific images, but am building a inventory of candidates. I’d value your suggestions.

    Lesa Morey, Producer,

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