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Francisco Ceren Cartegena


Francisco is holding the Arabic script. Thank you Fernando Celedon. Francisco is holding the Arabic script.
Thank you Fernando Celedon.

Los Bahai's de El Salvador A group of Salvadoran Baha’is. Thank you, fernando Celedon.

La Assemblea Nacional Summer School taken during the time we lived there. Thank you, Fernando Celedon

On Saturday 7 February I received news that a dear friend had passed on to the next world. Francisco Ceren Cartegena was a true servant of God and humanity. He will be tenderly missed by a whole nation of precious souls, namely my beloved El Salvador. When my family and I went to Sonsonate, El Salvador, we were naive and somewhat spoiled North Americans with a desire to do service to the people of this blessed country. O my, I laugh now because God had other things in store for us. How can I describe the beauty of a war torn peoples who extended every possible hand of friendship? I guess I can begin by describing dear Francisco…

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Everybody Means Something

I have embarked on sequences of new posts which examine a number of ideas from books I have recently read. These ideas relate to where our society is heading and what we as individuals might be able to do about that. I decided that I also needed to republish other posts from the past that related in some way to that basic theme. This will include poems such as the one below.

Metamorphosis v2 For source of image see link

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Singapore’s Red Dot Design Museum

Stumbling Through the Past

Darkened room with illuminated sign saying "red dot design awards"From the moment I entered this small museum I enjoyed the experience. Singapore’s Red Dot Design Museum is one of three museums in the world which features the winners of the Red Dot Design awards.

This museum has an eclectic mix of modern products that feature innovative design. In the entrance we saw two mountain bikes and a carbon-fibre commuter bicycle, together with a large umbrella with innovative lighting mechanism, a table-soccer game made from recycled materials and all sorts of watches.

A commuter bicycle folded up so that the two wheels are placed next to each other. This commuter bicycle weighs only 7.9kg and features a special folding system that enables it to be opened and closed easily.

This small museum highlights developments in designs of products as diverse as cars, baths, refrigerators, socks, books and pushers (strollers, buggies, push-chairs… or whatever you call them). Any visitor would see items that they may have a deeper knowledge of due to their line of work…

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Son! (My Journey to Jerry Reed)

The Trailhead

In 1986, I was a freshman at The University of Texas and had just undergone something akin to a religious awakening after hearing a little-known local guitarist named Eric Johnson. I was ravenously learning dumbed-down versions of every song I could off his debut record Tones and going to hear him in concert at every chance.

My friends and I were listening to him at the Austin Opry House late one night when he switched off the distortion pedal and proceeded to play a magnificent country instrumental that left us all practically in tears of astonished joy. I remember him calling it “Tribute to …” to … to someone or other. I couldn’t quite remember the name because he had said it before the song, but I thought the initials were J.R.

It’s a reminder of how long ago this was that I couldn’t just pull it up on my phone with a Google search…

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Upon a time

the Book of Pain

I went swimming once in Africa
to defy the water demons there—
bugs, hippos, worms and crocs, who,
(and this is true) do indeed fake it very well.
And as I dove in I thrilled then to think
“Hey Mr. Hippopotamus, where are you!?
Are you afraid to take me in your jaws,
to mix with me in my post?
Are you afraid to dance with me,
to roar me loudly home?
Come on Mr. Hippopotamus, where are you!?”

It all seems so silly now, I know,
yet there are times when cycling
when the sun starts pulsing through the trees
and the light starts dancing on the edge that soon
all I can hear is my muffled heart, in rhythm;
it gets cold and everything goes dark
and I start flailing to and fro
looking up and around
holding my breath,
treading water
and waiting,
just waiting…

Africa is…

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Writers New to Blogging – Handy Tips 1#

Pearlz Dreaming

66721_10200935342158713_681096474_n Photo by Ivanneth, Creative Commons

Ivanneth Creative Commons

So you’re a writer and have started a blog because everyone has told you to do so. Now you’re wondering how to go about it.

1) Pick your theme. With themes it’s a good idea to check what they look like on phone and tablet as well, as some themes translate better across devices and people may read your work on their tablet rather than laptop or pc. Personally I like clear uncluttered layouts. The theme used on this blog at the moment is sketch.

2) Choose interesting and related topics. 1)How you researched or created your book (really interesting for historical books) 2)Typical days in your writing life 3) Interview with a character or expert in your field 4) Interviews or reviews of works in your genre that you admire 5) Great news you want to share (be humble though). I…

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