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Stories That Have To Be told – Uncle Fred Murray

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One of my current projects. I’ll share a bit more of this as time goes by.

Following the Crow Song

cropped-ihavedreamcollageOn the weekend I was sharing a precious story that I began researching many years ago – The Story of Fred Murray. Fred Murray was an early Indigenous Baha’i.

I was able to interview some of the old people who knew him in person before he passed away, many of them are now also passed on.

As I told it to a dear friend, the tapestry of suffering and victory and his pure heart burning through, brought tears to both our eyes. It was as if we sat around the camp fire under the stars that Fred himself rode with his brother George even though the closest thing to outdoors in the room was our carpet of green leaves and earth colours.

It amazed me how vivid the story had become to me over its dormant time in files and folders, my memory, and earlier attempts to do it…

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