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An Exploration of Reincarnation (2/2)

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Part 2 of Peter’s discussion of reincarnation.

Everybody Means Something

Three-Faces-of-Eve-The-1957 Three Faces of Eve (for source of image see link)

In the previous post, drawing on Jeffrey Iverson’s book – In Search of the Dead – I explored three examples of the evidence cited in favour of reincarnation. I indicated that I felt they might possibly lie along a dimension from an experience that faded as a child grew up, through a more persistent identification lasting a lifetime, to outright ‘possession.’ This post now looks at the question of how to explain these data.

Is reincarnation the only possible explanation?

There is a degree of uncertainty in the literature about exactly how to interpret these phenomena. In the interests of space I am not going to explore the question of their authenticity. Given that Stevenson is definite that he has 25 cases pointing strongly in the direction of reincarnation I am going to assume, for present purposes, that this is…

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