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Ah the mystery of the universe, timely as I am watching a documentary on black holes.


A Peak at the Universe A Peak at the Universe

Is there life out there?

I really want to know

To be a person aware

Of the science all aglow

Possibilities floating in the air

My heart sings at the flow

Of stars in the atmosphere

Beings I really want to show

All of our ways, our sun’s glare

Huge, but simply our orb bestows

Life to the vast universe so clear

Life on other planets tell me so

Desire to meet them do I dare?

I feel their presence very close

Do they know how much I care?

Do not know when but I suppose

We will meet with much to declare

Could our humanity reach across

Time and space to the great somewhere? 

Can not see them yet they’re

There I know an inner glow


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