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An Exploration of Reincarnation (1/2)

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Peter discussing Reincarnation.

Everybody Means Something


In reading Jeffrey Iverson’s book In Search of the Dead, the trigger for my earlier post on psiI was again brought up against something I have always preferred to ignore – the possibility of reincarnation.

When I was studying psychology in my 30s, and unconsciously searching for a deeper meaning in life than was currently on offer within divisive politics, mainstream religion and modern science, I began to learn meditation. I went to the Buddhist Centre, the home of the Buddhist Society, in Eccleston Square. There I was taught the basics of following the breath, which I still use to this day.

As a ‘lapsed Catholic,’ as it was described then and maybe still, and, as a thwarted activist, having become disillusioned with left-wing politics as well as the politics in general, I felt a bit rudderless. I began seriously to consider becoming a Buddhist. The depth and…

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