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In this glass

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John explores virtues in some of his poetry.

the Book of Pain

Such a magical little thing is light
slipping quietly through clear water.
I wonder: what would we expect
if we could not expect,
and expect to expect,

The standard of conduct set by all the world’s major religions would be cruelly hard if not tempered with forgiveness. The standard expected by all the Messengers of God, and indeed the standard that They set in Their very own lives, resonates clear as the example that we should aspire to, and in aspiring to, being the best and the happiest that we can be. And yet, being human, only human—merely human—we will fail, and fail often. Forgiveness acts as the glue that holds our journey together, in the sense that it allows us to fail, but also then allows us to retry, and, hopefully, in the end, to succeed with whatever spiritual battle we are facing.

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  1. June, thank you once again for your support and kindness in re-blogging my poetry!

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