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World Peace

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A poem on peace from Carol.


One Heart at a Time. One Heart at a Time.

Detente we don’t need suffusing the atmosphere with hot air

More stalwart troops advancing on tiny villages with tiny children

Mothers grabbing tightly at their sons and daughters hoping

I’ve given my husband and now you egregiously seek my lair

Soldiers with hollow eyes from a government that limitedly seeks

Power over amassing product and shares on the stock market

More concerned with our women’s thigh size than the hollowed eyes

Of children whose souls burned by violence gripping, trapping beaks


World peace is only an option for the sincere hearts that are fair

Who practice peace within their very hearts every single day totally

Kindnesses given spontaneously and arising from the heart’s depths

Focusing on our fellow world citizens without regard for station or care

Giving ourselves completely as God replenishes our love in lows and peaks

Straining , chafing against the…

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