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I am sharing the journey of writing a memoirs on my blog. Anyone else sharing their writing processes and journey would love to read your blog.


2013-07-31 2013-07-31 001 001 Exchange of cultures, at CRACA 2013 – by June Perkins

Searching for a title for my memoirs I want it to:

1. Convey my cultural and spiritual heritage
2. Be original
3. Be memorable
4. Be creative
5. Perhaps come from some key phrase in the memoirs itself
6. Honour family, friends and places
7. Have a poetic feel to it
8. Make you want to read the book
9. Convey some of the themes of the memoir
10.Reflect the structure of the memoir

Key ideas/words that could be there are: world citizen, Paisa, Australian, Mekeo, Baha’i, soul, frangipani, basket,flower, writer, gumbootspearlz, pearlz dreaming, peace, unity, nature, environment, trees.

If you have any ideas you’d like to suggest based on reading my blogs do let me know. I am going to play around with some ideas and try and make a list of possible titles.

Some titles from memoirs currently…

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