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Reflections (c) June Perkins

To help us grow this blog compilation we would love to hear from Baha’is anywhere in the world who blog regularly and would be happy for us to reblog their work.

We reserve the right to choose what we reblog.

To participate in the site we would appreciate it if you visit some of the other blogs and if you enjoy them leave constructive comments and feedback for the blogger.

If you are thinking of starting a blog perhaps this space will encourage and equip you to do this.  Just take a look at some of the other compiled blogs, and read our handy tips!

We will keep adding some useful links for you to go and search, but the compiler doesn’t have time to mentor everyone individually so this compilation and links are your mentors!

We’d love it if you do your blogging in wordpress as it enables us to easily reblog work, whilst allowing readers to connect back to your blog.

Of course as a Baha’i we hope you always show respect for the Faith in the way you conduct yourself online. This site is moderated and we want it to be a safe and friendly space.  We reserve the right to remove anyone from the links who does not show respect for others.

We welcome visitors from all Faiths and walks of life and hope you will enjoy this compilation, which we hope over time will reflect the diversity of cultures and interests within the Baha’i community.

Email us at: (at to avoid spamming replace with @)

‘Please note The blogs are not necessarily focused on Baha’i topics exclusively. These blogs should not be taken as official positions of the Baha’i community, although many writers actively imbue their work with the principles of the Baha’i teachings. For a more directly focused Bahai Blog visit Bahai Blog This is not an official Baha’i site, for that go to Baha’


5 thoughts on “Help us Grow this Site

  1. I tried to send you an email and it was returned as un-deliverable! I’ll just leave my info here: I write about spirituality and our relationship with God through prayer and the attributes. I’ve written two posts directly about The Faith! I would be honored to be a part of broadening your site!

  2. Thank you for this initiative June. Now I’ve settled I’ll browse through the work of some bloggers that I don’t normally come across.

    • The side bar links have some more, but I am still finding people, and haven’t organised reblogs from all of the side bare yet. As I get to it. All the best Yvonne.

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