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Mark Perry’s Story – Drama Circles and On a Rooftop with Bill Sears

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Conversations with Creative Souls

* On the Rooftop with Bill Sears. (2003;1M) Based on the life of 1950s TV personality, William Sears.
2004?Present TOURING (22 cities), arranged by Kingfisher Theatre (Nazareth, PA)2004, Apr PRODUCTION, produced by The Drama Circle (Durham, NC)
* A Dress for Mona. (2001;4F,4M) A dream leads 16 year old Mona to dedicate her life to serving humanity, but how could she know how far her resolve would be tested? (Based on a true story.)
2003, Dec PRODUCTION, produced by One World Bah? Youth Workshop (Washington, DC)2003, Sep-Nov TOUR (East Coast), produced by Kingfisher Theatre (Nazareth, PA)2003, Aug PRODUCTION, produced by the Banani School for Girls (Zambia &Malawi)2003, Mar PRODUCTION, produced by theDrama Circle (Durham, NC)2001, Mar PRODUCTION, produced as part of University Gallery Series (Iowa City, IA)
* The Donkey Play. (2001;1F,1M) A clown show based on the Biblical story of Balaam and the Ass. 2001, May PRODUCTION, produced as…

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